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About Us

About Us

Area Served

We are located in the West Lafayette Village close to Purdue University. Specifically we are in the Chauncey Hill Annex which is across State Street from Chauncey Hill Mall and a little closer to the river. Our door faces the parking on the east end of the building.


What Makes Us Different

We build and sell quality computers. We give you a good value but we do not cut corners on quality just to bring you a lower price. Our intention is to give you the best computer we can, so you will not have problems down the road when you load the latest game or upgrade the hardware. We have a large selection of computer parts and pieces in stock in the store. What we don't have in stock we can order from over 100,000 products and usually have them the next day at no additional charge.

The owner, Dave Fetters, selects the type of computer components that he would add to his own system. Good name brands, good quality, good performance products that are not over priced.

We do NOT like riser cards, Winmodems, too-few expansion slots, on-board video, flimsy cases, combo cards, or other quality-reducing schemes.


Customer Service Policies

Our 2-year computer-system warranty covers both parts and labor.

We are here when you need us. A real person to answer the phone and a real in-town location for your driving convenience.


Who We Are

Dave Fetters - Owner, original owner of store for 16 years.
Brian Fehr - Sales / Technician, working for 6 years.

Come take a tour of our store.

Send mail to dave@computersbycampus.com with questions or comments about this web site.